Andover, Massachusetts, USA, September 24, 2014 – Bluefin Technology Partners, a leading international provider of digital online classifieds and self-service ad placement solutions for the publishing industry, announces today that Caxton & CTP Publishers and Printers Limited of Johannesburg, South Africa, has entered into a contract for Bluefin's digital advertising solutions, including their self-service place ad portal, to increase both print and online classified activity.


With implementation underway, Caxton will deploy the Bluefin web and mobile platforms to support their 80+ daily and weekly publications throughout the country.


“The power and flexibility of Bluefin's online advertising solutions that support our complex advertising business requirements was something we had not seen from other providers,” said Richard Knowler, Digital Head for Caxton Community Newspapers. “Their collaborative approach, along with a deep understanding of our needs and strategic direction, demonstrates their sincere desire to help grow our business across all publishing distribution channels to dramatically enhance our digital advertising presence.”


The web-hosted deployment includes Bluefin Place Ad, allowing advertisers to place classified ads in multiple print and online publications, all from a single advertiser user experience. These ads can be for print-only, online-only, or a combination of print and online – each listing with its own “look and feel.” Powerful upsell features help drive revenue by giving advertisers tools to make their ads stand out.


With Bluefin Marketplace, Caxton brings buyers and sellers together by hosting current online ad inventory with effective and relevant search and display capabilities. The platform utilizes “cloud computing” technology requiring no local infrastructure or support. Bluefin's latest release includes a mobile web version of Bluefin Marketplace as well as enhancements to connect to social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. Caxton will also use Bluefin's automated Data Feed Manager for creating a “Print to Web” workflow to upload and publish print classified liners and display ad listings to the online advertising portal. Using Bluefin's Command Center, Caxton can easily integrate the new online advertising platform to other production workflows and legacy systems to create efficiencies, adding significant value to the media publishing enterprise.

“More publishing executives throughout the international landscape understand the need for digital advertising solutions to keep them at the forefront of technology,” said Richard Grover, General Partner and founder of Bluefin Technology Partners. “This significant customer endorsement proves once again that media publishers of all sizes, from all corners of the globe, can leverage Bluefin's evolving technology to extend their reach for both traditional and non-traditional media channels.”


Qmedia of Johannesburg is the exclusive distributor for Bluefin Technology Partners in the Republic of South Africa.


About Caxton

Caxton and CTP Publishers and Printers Limited is recognized as one of the largest publishers and printers of books, magazines, newspapers and commercial print in South Africa. They are involved in various fields of publishing and printing i.e. newspapers, magazines, commercial print, book printing, stationery, packaging and labels, as well as manufacturing ink for web presses. The group employs approximately 5,500 people.


About Bluefin Technology Partners

Bluefin was founded in January of 2005 as an innovative solutions provider to the publishing and advertising industry. Bluefin's advertising solutions incorporates powerful features in a single platform for creating the best online advertising portals available for local sellers and buyers. Bluefin clients are publishing over 200 newspapers titles and related web sites in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, and the Republic of South Africa.


For more information contact:

In USA: Steve Rosenfeld, Bluefin Technology Partners at +1 978-662-3323, email – steve@getbluefin.com

In South Africa: John Lindenberg, Qmedia at +27 11 5825604, email – johnlin@qmedia.com