Andover, Massachusetts, October 7, 2009 – Bluefin Technology Partners, a leading provider of self-service print and online community marketplace solutions for the publishing industry, today announced that Rural Messenger of Haven, Kansas is now live with its industry leading BluefinCMP (Community Marketplace Platform) powering their self-service place ad strategy increasing both print and online classified ad revenue and volume.


This represents the first installation targeted for small market community media companies using an innovated pricing model. Publishers can now choose to acquire the Bluefin platform with no up front cost for set up, along with a “pay for performance” transaction model. This pricing strategy eliminates initial capital outlays, and adds immediate value to the publisher's online advertising strategy.


The Web-hosted deployment includes Bluefin Place Ad, allowing advertisers to place classified ads in multiple print and online publications, all from a single advertiser user experience. These ads can be for print-only, online-only, or a combination of print and online – each listing with its own “look and feel.” Powerful upsell features help drive revenue by giving advertisers tools to make their ads stand out.


With Bluefin Marketplace, Rural Messenger is bringing buyers and sellers together by hosting current online ad inventory with effective and relevant search and display capabilities. Utilizing “cloud computing” technology requires no local infrastructure or support.


“Our goal is to be the primary advertising Web and print destination for local sellers and consumers ,” said Mike Alfers, Publisher, Rural Messenger. “Bluefin gives us a platform with all the tools to enhance our competitive position. They came to the table with an open mind and a sincere desire to help grow our business. From there, it was a seamless migration to a powerful and user-friendly system that has bolstered revenues and significantly enhanced our business infrastructure.”


“We are delighted that Rural Messenger has chosen Bluefin to advance their self-advertising and online classified marketplace strategies”, said Rich Grover, General Partner for Technology and founder of Bluefin Technology Partners. “This validates the scalability of our solution allowing publishers of all sizes to enjoy the benefits of first class Web hosted solutions for self-service advertising and online classified publishing.”


About the Rural Messenger

The Rural Messenger is a rural-interest weekly publication serving South-Central Kansas. The Rural Messenger began printing in September of 2004 and has grown in weekly distribution from 6,500 to 14,000 copies. The Rural Messenger utilizes two new and market-proven methods – demographic pods and shelf-life content. The Rural Messenger is direct-mailed into 9,000 + rural homes throughout South-Central Kansas weekly. Every community is target-marketed using demographic pods to reach approximately 1?4 of the individual households in any given week, with the remaining homes receiving delivery once during the following three weeks. Over any four week cycle, each of the 36,000 + rural homes receives the Rural Messenger in their mail box. Additionally, readers can either pick a free copy up at retailers within their communities or subscribe for weekly delivery to their homes.