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"We try to look at technologies, like Bluefin, as a chance to improve our operation and open up new revenue opportunities. When we can partner with a company to gain skill sets we can't develop as effectively on our own, that's a win-win-win, for us, for the developer and the customer. We think Bluefin is a great example of that."

David Woronoff, Publisher, The Pilot

"Independent Newspapers enlisted Bluefin to offer our advertisers a great way to get their message out through our national and weekly newspaper titles and online classified site. Bluefin gives us a powerful and effective classified advertising platform with all the tools necessary to enhance our competitive position."

Tony Howard, CEO, Independent Newspapers

"For a long time, we have been looking for a self-service solution so our advertisers can place ads via the Web for both print and enhanced online ads. Bluefin provides us with the best overall self-service solution for our valued advertisers and readers. Their offering will help us grow our advertising business, reduce operating costs, while providing our advertisers with a great user experience."

Thomas Hite, Vice President of Classified and Interactive Advertising, OPUBCO Communications Group

"Our goal is to be the primary advertising Web and print destination for local sellers and consumers. Bluefin gives us a platform with all the tools to enhance our competitive position. They came to the table with an open mind and a sincere desire to help grow our business. From there, it was a seamless migration to a powerful and user-friendly system that has bolstered revenues and significantly enhanced our business infrastructure."

Michael Alfers, Publisher, Rural Messenger

"Bluefin has given us an opportunity to provide a superior digital classified platform to our advertisers and subscribers. Their partnership approach demonstrates a sincere desire to help grow our business by making it easy for us to deploy a great online advertising environment. It was a seamless migration to a powerful and user-friendly system that grows our print and online revenues, and dramatically enhances our digital classified presence."

Patrick Taylor, Advertising Director, The Pilot
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